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Water Safety Advice

We know that the majority of our students are responsible, mature and capable of maintaining their personal safety.

However, the summer holidays are approaching and our Academy's proximity to bodies of water such as Ulley reservoir and Rother Valley Country Park has prompted us to include some basic water safety advice for everyone in our community.

With this in mind we have included:

  • a water safety video from the Canal and River Trust
  • an associated booklet from the UK Environment Agency

But in summary, please be aware of this basic water safety advice and brief your children:

  • SAFE - Stay Away From the Edge - when walking or spending time near open water - enjoy it but don't approach the edge
  • Water may look tempting on a beautiful, hot day, but there may be many hidden dangers, and it can be easier than you think to be tempted or to fall in.

We list some of these hazards below:

 Slippery rocks

 Glass, tin cans, sharp objects under the surface  Fallen branches and thick weeds in the water  Fast flowing, deep, and very cold water.

 Sharp objects under the surface

 Fast flowing water when locks are in operation  Slippery towpath  Underwater machinery e.g. sluices  Unpleasant diseases and infections e.g. Weil’s Disease

If the unthinkable happens and a child does fall in or venture into open water without an adult present, please rehearse with your child:

The bystander must not enter the water too S/he should call the Emergency Services on a mobile 'phone (dial 999) and call an adult Throw a life ring, if one is available – throw it sideways (like a Frisbee) Aim it to land in front of the person Hold one end of the rope - if fitted with one (most are to date) Lie down on his/her stomach so that the person in the water can't drag in the person on the shore Bring the person in using the rope

We will also be going through this key information in Assemblies before the end of term.

Meanwhile we share a link from the Canal and River/Waterways Trust - video about water safety: 

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