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Striving for




Student Leadership

To support the personal development of our students we would like to offer the opportunity for some student leadership roles.

These roles are aimed at providing opportunities for students to develop.

Our Student Council.

One such opportunity is to be found within our Student Council initiative.

Early on in the academic year, all tutor groups are tasked with voting in two Group Tutor representatives. The representatives might wish to prepare an “election” speech and brief manifesto before the voting so that members of the Tutor Group are empowered to make the choices they feel are the most apt.

All the Tutor Group representatives meet half-termly with their link Assistant Vice Principal to take forward the “voice” of their Tutor Group, which are their collated opinions, concerns or suggestions for further improving Aston Academy, and feedback which takes the format “You said,,,,We Did” is always shared.

From each group of Year representatives, (a number of approximately 24 young people), 2 outstanding ones are chosen for the Year Council, who form a cohort of all of our Year Groups together – this is usually quite a powerful combination!

Mrs. Saeed, the Principal, meets periodically with the Year Group Council, sometimes over a nice, healthy breakfast, to hear and respond to their views.

The Student Council, therefore, truly helps to give our students more of a “voice” and also to develop key leadership skills, debating competencies and general confidence amongst its representatives. 

Below you will find the latest job roles that students can apply for, and the successful candidates will be employed in the post for the academic year. New roles will be released throughout the year, but this is the first wave of jobs.

If you see a role you would like to apply for please complete the application form below. This can either be completed electronically and emailed in or it can be printed and a hard copy handed in to the careers office.

Following the application which is designed to mirror a real life job application successful candidates will be called for interview and an appointment will be made. Throughout this process the aim is to support and guide students through a job application and help will be given at all stages to ensure they feel comfortable.

If you are interested in applying for a role or would like to find out any further information about any aspect of the procedure please don’t hesitate to see Mr. Esberger or contact our school careers advisor at Mr. Shaw