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Striving for




Restorative Practise

All teachers and students are encouraged to embrace a “restorative approach” at Aston Academy. This is a  strategy that seeks to repair any relationships that have been damaged, and ensure the student who has made poor choices, is given the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, be aware of the repercussions of their choices and feel remorseful. 

This takes place through meetings between those affected (if they are both willing), to explain how the student’s actions and in some cases the Teacher's actions have made others feel and the impact they have had. Reconciliation is the aim of this approach, so that all parties involved can begin to understand each other and hopefully this situation will not be repeated.

If a student is issued a sanction at Aston Academy, the teacher and student may collectively choose to have a restorative conversation about the events and discuss how they can move forward from this, ensuring all parties are aware of thoughts and feelings involved. At times, an additional member of staff to act as a Facilitator may be needed to support both parties.