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Striving for




Personal Development

The Personal Development programme at Aston Academy aims to extend our curriculum subjects beyond the academic and vocational, and inject additional value and enrichment. Our offer is therefore designed to provide all students with opportunities to explore and develop passion, talent and interests. 

We believe in providing a broad range of enriching activities and experiences, both within the curriculum and through a complementary, exciting programme of extra-curricular activities: brokered and designed to strengthen the character and enhance the education of Aston students.

The Personal Development Programme will foster an ethos, from which students feel confident to act with integrity, demonstrate resilience, develop knowledge and skills, co-operate consistently well with others and keep themselves mentally and physically healthy.

Running parallel to the experience outlined above, students experience a beneficial programme of careers and enterprise, preparing students for both further education and next best steps; ensuring they are equipped, not only for the wider world of work, but also prepared for life in modern Britain. This will be promoted and fostered from within all subject areas but additionally through an in-depth programme of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and tutor time debate sessions.

Aston Buzz

We are pleased to share the 1st edition of Aston Buzz with you all. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared photos, etc. I really appreciate it. An amazing group of students have worked tirelessly on this during break and lunch times. Please congratulate them and point out their hard work if you see them. 

Lyra Marsh Y8 

Toby Hall Y8 

Jessica Booth Y8 

Xue Keer Y8 

Marwa Mazrab Shah Y8 

Ralph Best Y7