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Curriculum Intent


At Aston Academy, the Geography curriculum is designed to challenge students' understanding, developing their critical thinking skills and cultural literacy, by applying their knowledge to a range of concepts and contexts. Geographical skills and links to core subjects are also embedded throughout the curriculum. In doing so, students will learn to think, read, write and speak like a Geographer, whilst becoming well-rounded and responsible global citizens. 


History enables students to understand the twenty-first century world through study of the past. At Aston, students gain chronological knowledge of historical events whilst developing understanding of how political, social, religious and medical changes have shaped Britain and other societies across the world. The golden threads of our curriculum encourage students to develop a love of history and the lifelong skills needed to ensure they can continue their historical education outside of the classroom.

KS3 Geography Learning Journey

KS3 History Learning Journey

KS4 Geography Learning Journey

KS4 History Learning Journey