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Celebrating International Women's Day, 2024

At Aston Academy we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women on International Women's Day (Fri March 8th) and focus on raising some funds amongst our staff for Sheffield Women's Aid: a charity providing refuge for women and their children in times of need.

We have asked staff to highlight an inspiring female in their life - please see below our testimonies:


Ms. Booker, Assistant Vice Principal

The most inspiring female in my life has always been my beautiful Mum. She gave me a love of books and words, along with a healthy amount of self-belief. She taught me tolerance and the importance of boundaries.

A "Shout Out" also to Claire Balding, Sarina Wiegman and Barbra Streisand!  

Mrs. Miller, Head of Faculty

My mum inspires me the most - she is kind, caring and is always there for me to talk to too, whenever I need her. She is always positive, and this inspires me to be like her. The best mum a girl could wish for. Thanks, mum, for being you -amazing. 


Miss Morris, TLR Holder, English Faculty

The woman that inspired me most was my English teacher, Mrs. Towers. I knew that I wanted to teach before, but she cemented that passion for me. Mrs. Towers was a teacher that brought the subject to life for me - it was clear that she truly adored every word that she read, as well as every minute in the classroom, and every student lucky enough to be taught by her.  When I was 16, I used to tell her "I hope I'm just like you in 10 years" and I think I bring some of her flair into my own teaching now. 

Some more special shout-outs to: My mum, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Sylvia Plath

Mrs. Adams - Assistant Vice Principal

The most inspiring female in my life has always been my amazing Mum.

She gave me the self-belief and confidence to go for every opportunity in life as well as a strong work ethic to keep striving to always give my best.  She taught me to be understanding and care for others where I can.  She was the queen of resilience and taught me to never give up.

Shout out also to my PE teacher at school, Jane Mintoft and my swimming coach, Shirley Slack for nurturing my love of sports and guiding me into coaching/teaching.

Our fund-raising for International Women's Day on March 8th, went well: with an approximate figure of £200 raised by adults for Sheffield Women's Aid. Aston staff came together to celebrate the day and wear purple - the colour adopted by the Suffragette Movement originally, and then by International Women's Day.
Students in English with Miss. Montgomery also worked on women who have inspired them and how important this cause is.