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Star Of The Week


PE / Health and Social Care Star of the Week 


Teacher Value Comment
Mr Attwood Pride

Noah Ward - Year 10 - Tremendous improvements on his forehand topspin in table tennis.

Mr Otter Ambition

Oscar Cookson – Year 7 – Fantastic tackling demonstration in Rugby and work ethic throughout the unit.

Mr Risley Resilience

Eve Heppenstall - Year 10 - Outstanding effort in Badminton.

Miss Cocking Pride

Evie Taylor – Year 10 – Always showing fantastic concentration on her coursework in H&S.

Mr Esberger Respect

Ruby Lucas -Year 9 - Excellent attitude, manners and a pleasure to teach.

Miss Murray Responsibility

Sophie Hannam – Year 8 - Always willing to help and encourage others whilst always trying her hardest to improve her own skills in all PE lessons. She has enabled a peer to improve her swimming through swimming next to her encouraging.

Mr Whitehouse Ambition

Tom Baker – Year 7 - Fantastic attitude in all areas of PE. He is a great role model for the rest of the class.

Mrs Miller Ambition

Abigail Beighton- Year 8- Excellent application in her football lesson.

Mr Sutcliffe Resilience

Rosie Gledhill – Year 10 -  Outstanding effort in coursework.

Mr Staniland Pride

Mina Hallewell – Year 11 -  Excellent use of knowledge and understanding to answer exam questions in Health and Social.

Mrs Ward Ambition

Evie Thomson – Year 10 – Fantastic effort and pride in her coursework and ensuring she can achieve the highest possible mark.

Mr Allan Pride

Chelsea Kain – Year 10 – Outstanding effort in producing partner balances.

Mrs Perry Respect

Sam Clarke - Year 7 - playing a Mozart piece on Keyboard

Mr Waggott Ambition

Keziah Uchegbu – Year 7 - Showing an outstanding amount of resilience in her music lesson when practicing and performing Postman Pat.