Maths Curriculum

Key Stages 3&4

Maths Curriculum Intent - Key Stages 3 and 4

The Mathematics Faculty is highly ambitious and we always challenge ourselves to continually develop and produce the best learners of Maths possible. The curriculum we offer is the foundation of everything that we do. Our faculty aims to provide a curriculum that is rich in both skills and knowledge, and that at all times should:

  • Ensure all students feel successful in their studies, engendering an appreciation and passion towards the subject.
  • Empower students to gain and retain skills valuable in their everyday lives and for future study and/or employment.
  • Hold the highest expectations of progress and challenge for students from all backgrounds, including the disadvantaged and students with SEND profiles.
  • Maximise the ultimate attainment of all students in order to afford them the widest selection of education and career opportunities in their futures.

Our curriculum offering is comprehensive and all students experience the full breadth of the subject, whilst differentiating where necessary to ensure the most able are extended appropriately and those needing extra support are given such.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum has clear expectations of students and has been sequenced in such a way as to prioritise the retention of knowledge alongside consistent skill development. A selection of mathematical skills that we believe to be particularly key to successful progress in the subject are identified as ‘Essential Skills’. This subset of our Age Related Expectations are revisited and assessed on a regular basis to ensure they are fully memorised and retained ready for future use. Though we do emphasise the development of mathematical fluency at a skill level first, throughout students’ learning journey we strive to develop the ability of students to apply their skill set to solve complex problems. We believe the ability to use reasoning skills successfully to be a critical quality, not just for exam success but for a student to be able to apply their knowledge and contribute positively to society in the future.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is tailored to ensure our students gain and retain the maximum knowledge possible, both for their future lives and to achieve their full potential in their final examinations. Topics from across the curriculum are consistently interleaved so students appreciate how different skills connect together. Our assessment program is consciously designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to feel success in their studies whilst concurrently developing the resilience they will need to complete their formal examinations successfully. Our curriculum offering and the visible progress that our Key Stage 4 students feel themselves making, ensures that Maths is consistently recognised by our Year 11 students as being one of their favourite subjects - a fact we are proud of in a world where the subject is unfortunately viewed negatively by many. Producing students with a positive attitude towards Maths that they will hopefully then engender in others is always one our proudest achievements as a department.

Maths Learning Plans

Please click the links below to view our Maths learning plans.

Key Stage 3

KS3 Maths Y7 Map

KS3 Maths Y8 Map

KS3 Maths Y9 Map

Key Stage 4

Y10 Foundation Maths Learning Plan

Y10 Higher Maths Learning Plan

Y11 Foundation Maths Learning Plan

Y11 Higher Maths Learning Plan

Maths Learning Expectations

Please click the links below to view our Maths learning expectations.

These documents show the progress we expect students to make by the end of each term.

Key Stage 3

Y7 Maths - Learning Expectations

Y8 Maths - Learning Expectations

Y9 Maths - Learning Expectations

Key Stage 4

KS4 Maths - Learning Expectations



Key Stage 5 Maths Curriculum Intent

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum is designed to further stretch and develop the mathematical skills of our students whether they study Maths alone or Further Maths too. The content of the three A Level Maths units (Pure, Mechanics and Statistics) are intrinsically linked. As such, our curriculum has been deliberately sequenced to ensure that students are able to develop confidence in the fundamental pure skills required, before using these to solve more complex problems and subsequently applying them within the disciplines of Statistics & Mechanics. The same care has been taken in scheduling the learning of Maths and Further Maths to secure a rational learning journey for our students and maximise understanding. Throughout their time, students cover a wealth of content, often in novel areas of mathematics that are brand new to students, much of this learning is valuable in the next stage of their education and the applied content is directly relevant to many career pathways. The challenge and reward inherent in our curriculum offering is recognised by our students, they appreciate the skills and knowledge gained and we are delighted that they are regularly inspired to continue their studies in the field further.

We recognise the importance of literacy and stress that language is of utmost importance in Mathematics in understanding meaning, comprehending challenging worded problems and in providing clear, comprehensive solutions that others can understand. We also acknowledge that many aspects of the ‘language of Maths’ are unique and it is our responsibility to ensure our students fully grasp the often unique meanings that vocabulary takes within our subject area.

As a faculty we are acutely aware that Maths is not studied in isolation and that the skills acquired in the subject are used frequently by other subjects within the Academy. We strive to standardise methods of calculation across all subject areas to assist in maximising progress throughout the school and to support colleagues with less confidence in mathematics.

Links to our condensed curriculum maps are attached - if you would like more detailed versions of these please contact the Head of Faculty, Mrs Aggarwal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Maths Learning Plans

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Key Stage 5

Y12 Maths Condensed Map

Y12 Further Maths Condensed Map

Y13 Maths Condensed Map

Y13 Further Maths Condensed Map

Maths Learning Expectations

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These documents show the progress we expect students to make by the end of each term.

Key Stage 5

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Mission Statement

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