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Feedback from the Parent/Carer Forum Meeting, Thursday 17th May.

You said, we did…

You said…

‘What additional measures could be put in place to ensure greater consistency in the awarding of achievement points across all groups of students and year groups?’


We did…

  • We are looking into linking the monitoring data we send out to parents/carers to the awarding of achievement points
  • We are carrying out an audit of the number of achievement points awarded within each faculty area and to each year group, in order to ensure a fair distribution across all groups of students within the academy


You said…

‘What else could be done to ensure a closer correlation between the achievement points recorded in students’ planners and those recorded electronically on SIMS?’

We did…

  • We have changed the layout of the planners so that achievement points can be recorded weekly.
  • There will be a weekly focus during tutor time on the accurate recording and checking of achievement points.


You said…

You asked what more we could do to raise awareness of the house competitions which run throughout the year, how these support the academy’s ethos, and how often we review the programme

We did…

  • We are currently carrying out a student voice survey with a representative cohort of students in order to gather views regarding the House activity programme and any ways in which it could be improved. We will be carrying out a full review of our house programme in light of this. The revised programme will be launched with students through assemblies.


You said…

‘How can we keep parents/carers better informed regarding all of the house activities that take place over the course of the year?’


We did…

  • We have created a parent/carer information section on the Parent Forum area of the academy website to keep parents/carers up to date with all competitions and activities taking place.
  • The House information pages on the school website have been fully updated

You said…

‘Students particularly appreciate personal acknowledgement for their achievements’

We did…

  • We will build in additional praise and reward time during tutor time next year, during which Learning Progress Managers and members of Leadership Team will visit form rooms specifically to praise students on standards of uniform, equipment, behaviour, effort and achievement.

You said…

Future agenda items could be:

  • Monitoring data (further improving information to parents/carers)
  • An update on the academy’s anti-bullying strategy
  • Supporting students and parents/carers with ELT
  • Website update/communication to parents/carers


We did…

The next meeting will be on Thursday 5th July 5.15-6.30pm and will focus on supporting students and parents/carers with ELT.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting Mrs C. Wilson by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by telephoning Rachel Catling at the academy on Tel: 0114 287217.


Thank you for your continued support.

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