New Academic Year Sept 2020


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Whole School Letters

Aston Academy Year 6 Open Night 2020
September Return to School Letter
DC July letter to parents Years 7 - 10
Coronavirus parental letter 17th March
letter to parents 16th march CORONAVIRUS
Parental Instructions - How to use Consultation Evening System
End of Year Letter - Aston Academy Standards
Improving Home / Academy Communication and Feedback from the Mobile Phone Consultation
Mobile phones & student use - letter to parents/carers
Consultation regarding the distribution of the half termly monitoring reports
Cashless Catering Upgrade Letter

Mission Statement

At Aston we are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching, enabling everyone to reach their full potential, whatever their age, ability, gender or ethnicity.

We believe that every person is unique and we work together in an inclusive environment of mutual respect and consideration, valuing everyone's contribution.

Through our partnership with the local and wider community we aim to support our young people in successfully taking their place in society.

All adults in school have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

With your commitment we will make a difference.


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