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Careers Advice and Guidance at Aston Academy


My name is Sarah Sykes and I am the Careers Adviser at Aston Academy. I have worked for many years as a Careers Adviser in other schools and colleges in Sheffield and am very pleased to have the opportunity to help students here at Aston Academy.

I am based in M19 near to reception. I work every day and will happily welcome any student if they wish to visit me to ask for advice and information about their career plans. I am available every lunchtime from 12:15 pm.

I offer individual guidance appointments to students at key transition points in their school career (typically in Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12 and Y13.) I welcome parents/carers to these appointments and will send letters in advance to students’ home addresses to notify interested parties of the date and time scheduled.

I am happy to receive emails from students and parents/carers wishing to book an appointment (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and can also be contacted by telephone on (0114) 2872171 Ext 362.

I am ably supported in this role by Yvonne Winstanley, a Youth Support Worker, from Rotherham’s Early Help Service. Yvonne is in school every Thursday and can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend some useful websites for students and parents/carers to browse in order to help with the sometimes bewildering career decision making process. Please see the websites below:



For helpful careers information about specific jobs, ideas exploration and vocational sectors: (information about the labour market in Yorkshire and the Humber)

To search and find post 16 courses, colleges, schools and apprenticeship providers:

Apprenticeship information and vacancy details: (Rotherham based vacancies) (Sheffield based vacancies)

To research university degrees, choices, studying abroad and potential postgraduate careers: (Studying abroad)

To research STEM related careers: (STEM careers) (Chemistry related careers)











Dominic Curran

Assistant Principal

Lindsey Burgin


Assistant Vice Principals

Mike Kilgannon (Y7 and Y8)

Alex Booker (Y9)

Chela Wilson (Y10)

Chris Esberger (Y11)

James Duncan (Y11)

Adam Goddard (Post 16)

Jonathan Lye (Post 16)

Cheryl Barquero (Inclusion)

Learning Progress Managers

Chris Risley (Y7)

Joanne Day (Y8)

Peter Scantlebury (Y9)

Joanne Layden (Y10)

Michelle Norman (Y11)

Patricia Graham (Post 16)





Eunice Newton 

ACET Executive Principal

Josie Sanigar

ACET Improvement Partner

Lynne Selkirk 


Chair of Governors

Roy Dyson

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors (using the email address below)


Clerk to Governors

Rachel Catling


Mission Statement

At Aston we are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching, enabling everyone to reach their full potential, whatever their age, ability, gender or ethnicity.

We believe that every person is unique and we work together in an inclusive environment of mutual respect and consideration, valuing everyone's contribution.

Through our partnership with the local and wider community we aim to support our young people in successfully taking their place in society.

All adults in school have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

With your commitment we will make a difference.


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