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At Aston we promote the belief that all teachers are teachers of SEN and support the government's commitment to an inclusive education where every child matters.

The culture, practice, management and deployment of resources are designed to ensure that all students' needs are met, and achievement is raised. Access to the curriculum at the most appropriate level is ensured through carefully designed learning support programmes.

We are guided by the statutory requirements of government legislation for meeting the needs of students with disabilities in mainstream education.

Prior to the admission of students with disabilities, arrangements are made for a risk assessment to be completed. This process will involve our Inclusion Team, Matron and School Nurse, Outside Agencies, parents/carers and the student.

An Individual Health Care Plan is then completed and published on the staff secure intranet. Copies of the plan are also sent to all parties involved. The academy is committed to ensuring that students with a disability will not be treated less favourably than able bodied students.

We have an Access Plan which provides information on increasing access to the academy for students and adults with disabilities. The governing body remains committed to improving provision for students and adults who find access to, and movement around the site difficult.

The Equality Scheme for Aston Academy brings together schemes and action plans for Race, Gender and Disability Equality, meeting the statutory duties in these areas. Our school Inclusion Policy gives information regarding the education of students with Special Educational Needs.


Cheryl Barquero - ACET SENCo



Dominic Curran

Assistant Principal

Lindsey Burgin


Assistant Vice Principals

Mike Kilgannon (Y7 and Y8)

Alex Booker (Y9)

Chela Wilson (Y10)

Chris Esberger (Y11)

James Duncan (Y11)

Adam Goddard (Post 16)

Jonathan Lye (Post 16)

Cheryl Barquero (Inclusion)

Learning Progress Managers

Chris Risley (Y7)

Joanne Day (Y8)

Peter Scantlebury (Y9)

Joanne Layden (Y10)

Michelle Norman (Y11)

Patricia Graham (Post 16)





Eunice Newton 

ACET Executive Principal

Josie Sanigar

ACET Improvement Partner

Lynne Selkirk 


Chair of Governors

Roy Dyson

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors (using the email address below)


Clerk to Governors

Rachel Catling


Mission Statement

At Aston we are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching, enabling everyone to reach their full potential, whatever their age, ability, gender or ethnicity.

We believe that every person is unique and we work together in an inclusive environment of mutual respect and consideration, valuing everyone's contribution.

Through our partnership with the local and wider community we aim to support our young people in successfully taking their place in society.

All adults in school have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

With your commitment we will make a difference.


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